When should I receive a skin resurfacing treatment?

Skin resurfacing treatment is a combination of methods intended to diminish aging signs, give skin a younger appearance, eliminate wrinkles, skin imperfections and uneven pigmentation as well dark spots to render the skin smoother and provide a better shape and look for patients.

Such procedures include chemical peelings, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and so on. Each one intended to deal with a particular skin condition and furthermore each method may be applied solely or combined with another one depending on each particular patient’s needs.

Despite all technical advances on skin care and anti-aging methods, the correct time to receive a skin resurfacing treatment is still a very personal, individual decision and although it’s possible to perform this set of treatments at any time and at any age, each patient’s preferences will dictate when is the best time to take action.

Some patients are not worried about a couple of superficial wrinkles, while some others are really concerned only because of loss of skin brightness, hence each patient will decide to receive skin resurfacing on very different periods of their lives depending on their personal needs. Nevertheless, regardless the age, it’s always important to keep in mind that the proper selection of a well trained, capable team will make the difference in final results. Be aware of your selected staff capabilities as well available technical resources for your skin resurfacing to guarantee the best possible results.