Upper arms lift to reduce frustration

It’s a common complaint of many patients, especially women in their 50’s and 60’s that there is a presence of “bat wings” under their arms despite of hundred of hours spent at the gym to increase arm muscles tone and volume.

Such “bat wings” are the result of loose skin under the arms due to the natural aging process and even when exercise may help to reduce such problems, it will not be 100% effective unless you become a body building expert, which is not the case for most people. When this ugly, loose skin appears under the arms and it’s not possible to remove completely with exercise, patients get frustrated and have no other option than hiding their arms, avoiding the use of sleeveless outfits and sometimes even avoiding swimsuits.

Such frustration and discomfort with self imaging may lead to impairment of personal self esteem, social relations and even irregular sexual behaviors because the person simply does not wish to show their body.

The same thing occurs after drastic weight loss as the skin gets flaccid and hangs down the arms leading to a sort of “melted” body shape.

Fortunately Dr. Jan Garcia and the Plastic Surgery Arts Center medical staff have a solution for such an inconvenient situation: Upper Arms Lift.

This procedure is especially designed to deal with loose, hanging skin under the arms due to natural aging or weight loss. During the surgery, the leftover skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened around the arm in order to provide a better shape to the arms.

The procedure is very effective in achieving its goals and even when it results with a scar, it’s usually hidden and less visible than previously hanging skin. The aesthetic results can be quite satisfactory, and best of all: Frustration and life quality impairment will disappear!