Tummy Tuck for a Perfect Hourglass Body Shape

Yes, it’s true, there’s many body shapes for as many different variations as women exist, but overall there’s one ideal physique for the female body: the hourglass shape.

An hourglass shape is the most desirable shape by both men and women and is described as a well-proportioned body with curved breasts and butt combined with a narrow waist associated to a flat tummy.

Some women are just blessed by Mother Nature with such a shape but the vast majority of women require some enhancement of body areas such as the breast or butt to achieve such a desirable figure. The problem is that due to age, pregnancies, sedentary life style and so on, the narrow bridge between the upper and lower parts of the body becomes less flat and once proportions are lost, the body shape is not an hourglass anymore.

Perhaps some people don’t even care about a sagged tummy, but for many women it is a major issue, not only because of the aesthetic concern but also because it may render a simple action, such as choosing a great outfit, as a big challenge.

When this occurs is time to consult high level experts to take care of the situation, hence it’s not a surprise to find tummy tuck surgery (technically called abdominoplasty) among the three most commonly performed aesthetic procedures performed at specialized centers such as the Plastic Surgery Arts Center.

Usually patients seek medical care because of a flaccid tummy, aesthetic issues and since such conditions are unconsciously associated to the ageing process, a flat tummy gives patients a youthful appearance.

From the medical point of view, the problem goes beyond the aesthetic concern which even when important, is not the only one. In fact, subcutaneous fat is a metabolic active tissue with may lead to problems when is accumulated in excess, especially on perimenopausic women, and furthermore, a waist circumference over 33 inches (85 cm) involves increased cardiovascular risk, thus working on a flat tummy is not just a matter of beauty but also of health.

When a patient has decided that everything about a flaccid tummy undesirable and seeks medical advice, specialists such as Dr. Jan Garcia will evaluate overall body proportions, percentage of body fat and whole body measurements to plan the best abdominoplasty for each patient.

It is important to remember that abdominoplasty is not intended for weight loss but only to mitigate its effects on body contour, so if a patient is overweight, she/he will be required to lose excess weight and keep body weight stable for at least six months prior to surgery.

Once the surgery is performed, surgeons may decide between a complete or a mini abdominoplasty depending of body proportions and leftover skin. In both cases, abdominal muscles will be approximated at the midline to create a deep waist cleavage.

After surgery, body shaping devices are required until complete healing is finished to keep body contour. Afterwards the effects on patients’ self appreciation and self esteem will appear immediately, while the long-term effects regarding hormone disturbances and cardiovascular risk reduction will improve not only patient’s life quality, but also life expectancy.