The Youth Source: Eyelids surgery

It’s commonly said that the eyes are an open window to the soul and that it’s possible to know who someone is just by looking into their eyes. Eye appearance has not only a deep aesthetic meaning but also a symbolic one as well.

Due to aging, sun exposure, facial movements, skin thickness on the eyelids and many other factors including lack of sleep and excess of fatigue, eyelids as well periocular skin tends to get aged before other areas on the face leading to a sad, old appearance associated with a lowered self-esteem and the sensation of getting old to fast.

In addition, besides the aesthetic and psychological concerns, there’s also functional problems, especially when fatty hernias affect the upper eyelids leading to visual field reduction or when low eyelid skin is so flaccid that ectropion occurs (exposure of conjunctiva) leading to severe ocular problems such as keratitis and chronic conjunctivitis.

Hence eyelid surgery must be performed not only to reduce facial aging signs but also to keep ocular health even when most of patients seek medical attention because of aesthetic purposes.

When a patient has skin obscuring the natural fold of the upper eyelids, loose upper eyelid skin or puffy appearance of upper eyelids as well “crepe paper” wrinkles on the lower eyelids, their appearance becomes sad, old and tired and even though their spirit may be still young, the message behind the eyes says something totally different.

On such cases, Ocular Plastic Surgeons (usually ophthalmologist specialized on eyelids and orbit) as well Plastic Surgeons need to perform a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty to give back to the patient a natural, youthful, bright eyesight!

Depending on each case, the surgeon will decide to work on upper eyelids, lower eyelids or upper and lower at the same time. The surgery usually is done through a conjunctival incision to avoid visible scars. Excess skin is then removed under local anesthesia and sedation and when required, fatty hernias are removed too. This simple procedure will eliminate puffiness, bags and wrinkles giving the patient a “10-year younger appearance” as Dr. Jan Garcia usually says.

After this type of surgery, especially if the procedure affects four eyelids, patients tend to be swelled and have bruises for several days but there’s nothing to worry about as it is just the normal effect of a procedure performed over a well irrigated territory such as eyelids. After some time, a short course of anti-inflammatory drugs and many cold pads, everything will become normal again and results will be visible.

Everyone agrees that sight changes, after blepharoplasty, and has a positive impact as behavior change is evident as patients begin to smile more frequently and increase their social interaction! All of this is due to the revitalizing effect of a younger appearance when they look at themselves in the mirror!

The eyes are a good reflection of the soul and it’s necessary to keep them as clear and youthful as possible. This is evident especially when patients show signs of aging on their face but a still have youthful energy!