The secret for shining facial skin

Perhaps more than once you have seen somebody’s face without wrinkles but still with an aged appearance and lack of luminosity and in such cases, it’s natural to ask why a person’s skin does not look sagged or wrinkled but yet it still seems to be aged?

The answer is on the superficial skin layer. Have you realized how shinny and beautiful your skin is after peeling because of a sun burn? Well, that’s because the old, dehydrated, unevenly pigmented and even dirty superficial layers of the skin are removed when peeled, and younger cells take their place as the most superficial skin layer.

Since such cells are desirable because the overall appearance of the skin improves a lot, but certainly a sun burn is not the best way to have shinny smooth skin!

To achieve this goal doctors and aesthetic specialists at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center as well at many other specialized centers use a magnificent technique: The Chemical Peel.

A chemical peel is a technique intended to remove the most superficial layers of the skin using different chemical substances. Depending on how deep such substances may affect the skin, the peel may be light, medium or deep. All of the peels remove old cells from the most superficial skin layers and the only difference is how many layers each one removes.

After a chemical peel, younger, healthier skin cells take their place on the superficial skin layers, leading to the formation of a new corneal stratus with a younger, shinier appearance. In addition, some wrinkles may be reduced, especially the less deep ones, and skin spots or unevenly pigmented areas get bleached because the colored cells are removed with the peel.

Obviously, these new cells will get old someday and thus, to keep healthy, young skin, the peel must be repeated from time to time. Deeper peels require less treatments each year and have long lasting effects, however not every patient needs a deep peel until it is indicated. In fact some medical contradictions may exist and proper professional advice is required to ensure good results.

At the end of the day, a peeling strategy must be tailored to each face for remarkable results, and the choice of a well trained, capable cosmetic team, plus proper skin care at home are mandatory to get the best possible results.