Success Lips

Take a minute to think about these names: Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie… Do you realize about what they have in common?

Besides being Hollywood Stars, all three actresses have something else in common: thick, well-shaped lips!

Throughout time, bodily aesthetic trends tend to vary for different types of women. Some women consider big breasts, small breasts, wide hips or a narrow physique, but something that seems to remain unchanged through the test of time is thick plump lips that are fully shaped.

Dr. Jan Garcia, after 30 years of experience as plastic surgeon states that today he’s performing as many lips enhancement procedures as he did at the beginning of his career. This is attributable to just one main reason. Thick, fleshy lips are associated by both men and women as being youthful and in good health, hence people with thick lips tend to have more success not only in their personal life but also at the professional stage as well because other people look at them as healthy, strong and reliable individuals. That’s the secret, at least partially, behind their success.

But not everyone is born with thick lips, and even those gifted with natural thick lips tend to face lip narrowing due to the natural ageing process. However none of the aforementioned cases have to be a limitation for success or a self esteem issue.

Every year, many lip enhancement procedures are performed at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center, and each one is a synonymous with a satisfied patient. Many people are concerned about the need of surgery but that’s not the only option, and in fact most of lip enhancement techniques don’t involve surgery but injections and even permanent make up!

Dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, are a good choice, as well as a patient’s own fat. In addition, lip implants are also an option on selected cases, but everything depends on each patient’s personal needs. Each lip enhancement procedure must be tailored to personal characteristics to achieve the best possible aesthetic results.

Of course, there’s also successful people with thin lips, but if you think that thicker lips are a better option, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the PSAC to take care of this issue.