Spider veins treatment

Even when they don’t have clinical consequences, are painless, don’t impair function and produce no serious health threats, spider veins are among the most common complaints in the outpatient clinic, especially in women.

And it’s not a surprise, if we consider how ugly they look and how they impact life styles, that many women are so worried about their presence they avoid wearing shorts, skirts and even going to the beach to keep such ugly veins hidden.

Fully aware of this problem, the PSAC has been treating spider veins for more than three decades but it has been only in the last 10 years that the best results have been achieved.

Today, patients concerned about their spider veins may benefit from two procedures to remove them. The first one is called sclerosis where the injection of irritant substances inside the spider veins produce a locally controlled phlebitis that in the end, will lead to the vein closure and spider vein disappearance.

The other available method involves laser treatment and works by increasing temperature inside the spider vein and shortening its walls due to heat until its disappearance.

Both methods are carried out as an ambulatory process with no anesthesia and even when there is some discomfort, patients can normally tolerate the procedure.

Usually it takes between two and six sessions to treat all spider veins. The total number of sessions depends on spider vein density, size and individual patient’s reaction to the sclerosing agent or the laser.

Regarding each method, usually sclerosis is better for deeper spider veins such as those present on the thighs and legs, while laser is better for facial spider veins. However, some leg veins may also be treated with laser as everything depends on proper patient selection and the use of the right laser with the perfect energy amount.

Despite any discomfort and multiple sessions for the treatment of spider veins, patience will pay off when spider veins disappear from the legs and shorts and skirts are included back into your wardrobe!