Scars after ear surgery must not be a concern

One of the aesthetic procedures most commonly performed on children and young people around the world is otoplasty, known by many as “ear surgery”, and one of the reasons behind this is bullying.

Unfortunately, modern generations have a very low tolerance level to what’s different from the norm and every single different detail regarding physical appearance is enough to make someone’s life miserable because of bullying. One of the physical characteristics most commonly used to make jokes about is the ear shape and size.

The good news is that young people and children may solve such a problem with a simple surgical procedure that will change their lives forever and typically, the younger the patient, the better the outcome, thus if a child has problems dealing with their ears shape or size, the best decision is to perform the surgery early.

However, once the decision has been made, another concern for both parents and the children is how to deal with scars; after all, if she/he was a bullying target in the first place for bigger than usual or asymmetric ears, after surgery scars may be the new target of jokes!

But as Dr. Jan Garcia from the Plastic Surgery Arts Center explains, reconstructive and plastic surgeons take great care to hide scars as much as possible whether that be behind the ears and as close as possible to the hair line implant or as deep as possible inside the ears. Everything depends on the type technique chosen but regardless of each scenario, incisions are always almost imperceptible.

If your kid is having self-confidence troubles or is a bullying target due to an aesthetic ear issue, don’t hesitate to look for professional advice from Dr. Garcia to perform the surgery as soon as possible and keep in mind that the best outcomes are seen on the youngest kids and scars won’t be a concern!