Say bye to wrinkles without visiting the operating room

Many patients are concerned about mild to moderate skin that has become loose or has minor wrinkles, and when they would like to address such a condition, a visit to the operating room for a conventional face lift procedure is not an option, usually because such invasive procedures seem to be too much for just a couple of wrinkles.

For a long time, there was no readily available alternative. It was a face lift or just wait until the condition worsens to justify a visit to the operating room, but today people concerned about skin flaccidity in very early stages and first wrinkle appearances have the chance to receive non-invasive, painless, high effective treatments aimed not only to correct loose skin and superficial wrinkles but also to delay skin aging signs and keep skin in the best shape as long as possible.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening is the current alternative preferred choice to surgery and it comprises of several methods such as laser skin tightening or ultrasound skin tightening. Regardless of the method, all techniques have a common aim; to generate a heat increase on the skin support tissue in order to stretch collagen fibers and tighten the overlaying skin and furthermore non-surgical skin tightening leads to an increase on collagen synthesis regarding both, the total amount as well overall quality. The end results are durable because of the effects on current collagen fibers supporting skin as well on future effects to be synthesized by fibroblasts on the treated areas.

Dr. Jan Garcia has become a big enthusiast of this kind of technology because he considers such treatments as the future of plastic surgery, not only because its effects but also because of their preventive impact on skin health.

Of course, not every patient will benefit from non-surgical skin tightening, especially those with deep wrinkles and extensive skin loose, sagging and flaccidity, and in such cases a facial lift may be used to achieve the desired results, even if later non-surgical skin tightening may be used as a complimentary treatment.

At Plastic Surgery Arts Center each patient is carefully evaluated by certified board plastic surgery teams to evaluate which is the best method. This tailored approach has lead to remarkable results and increases patient satisfaction.

If you are concerned about those incipient wrinkles or aging signs on your face, don’t wait any longer. Visit the PSAC and deal with such issues before it’s too late and an operating room visit becomes mandatory.