Removing male breast, more than an aesthetic procedure

To talk about mammary surgery for women is completely normal but about men, it is something completely different. Even though relatively unknown to the public, many men suffer from a condition called gynecomastia where the mammary gland becomes bigger than usual for a man and in fact can reach the size seen on a teenager girl.

Most of cases are secondary to extreme overweight but it may be also due to hormonal problems and many other causes many of which remain unknown. Regardless of the cause, all man suffering from gynecomastia have social impairment and life habit changes because they are not proud of how their chest looks and also because nobody wishes to be the target of jokes about “male breasts”.

Dr. Jan Garcia states that for men, a breast reduction surgery is not only about an aesthetic concern but about having their lives back! The vast majority of men affected by gynecomastia avoid the beach or swimming pools because there they must show their naked torsos and moreover modify their sexual behaviors because they are afraid of their partners’ reaction against their breasts.

No matter the cause, there’s no reason to deal with such an inconvenient situation, and in fact at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center has many patients that benefit each year from male breast reduction procedures.

Usually painless with a fast recovery, male breast reduction surgery is performed as an ambulatory procedure. Despite requiring general anesthesia and a visit to the operating room, almost no patient is required to spend the night at the clinic or hospital.

Breast tissue may be removed through a small incision over the lower border of areola or using a liposuction cannula. The procedure type will be decided by the plastic surgeon based on each patient’s characteristics and needs but the result is the same; a life changing procedure! All patients affected from gynecomastia can continue their lives happily after the surgery.

Breast size is not an issue when a man receives a breast reduction especially when your breasts look bigger than usual for a man. Call the Plastic Surgery Arts Center to remove them, no matter how big or small they are. This will be a decision that positively impacts not only your look but every single aspect of your life, so don’t wait any longer!