Is a Facial Implant Risky?

It’s usual to hear about breasts implants, bone prosthetic materials and even buttocks implants but when a patient is suggested to have facial implants, usually there are major concerns because even though the procedure is quite common, most of the general public is not aware of them. Additionally, with breasts implants, the body shape change is dramatic and highly noticeable but with facial implants the change is so subtle that usually it is undetectable to peers unless the patient mentions it.

And that’s exactly what’s to be expected from a successful procedure.! A facial implant is designed to enhance a facial area which has lost is natural shape due to aging, because of a trauma or just due to congenital abnormalities. They are usually small shaped pieces inserted through very small, hidden incisions to fill the chin, jaws and cheekbones in order to rejuvenate face shape or simply correct asymmetries.

For plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Jan Garcia who performs the procedure on a daily basis at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center, usually it’s not a big deal but for many patients represents a major concern because nobody wishes to be exposed to potential complications of a facial surgery. After all it’s possible hide the buttocks or tummy if something is unattractive with a surgical procedure but the face is always visible, thus patients’ concerns are justified.

Fortunately, even when there are associated risks as in every surgical procedure, facial implants have a low complication rate, with the most common complication being a bruise which tends to vanish spontaneously without further medical treatment and aesthetic results are remarkable.

However, especially after facial trauma, things may be a little more complicated and patients are warned about potential facial nerve or muscle damages which may be compromised and in addition, infection is a risk for all surgeries, especially when prosthetic material is used and if such situation occurs, the implant needs to be removed.

Overall, patients may be confident when they receive a facial implant, especially when a qualified surgeon like Dr. Garcia performs the procedure. An experienced medical staff is the best guarantee to minimizing complications, risks and at the end of the day, the benefits outweigh the risks, hence after receiving facial implants, patients are very happy with their decision to receive a facial implant.