Hand reconstruction to keep your age a secret

When we think about skin treatments and techniques to keep a younger appearance, most of time first thing that comes to our mind are thoughts about face lifts, body sculpting and skin rejuvenation but… Have you ever realized how hands may tell your age?

As with every other part of the body, hands suffer from the aging process and many changes take place simultaneously leading to aged hands, which could reveal your real age despite of how much take care of our face, eyes and body.

With the pass of time, hands tend to lose soft tissue leading to a “bony” appearance. In addition, due to sun exposure, dark spots appear unevenly all over the dorsal area of the hands. To worsen the situation, wrinkles and sagged skin plus enlarged veins give the hand a very old appearance.

Even though this occurs to many as part of the natural aging process, this is particularly true for people who work with their hands from day-to-day.

To deal with so many changes at the same time is not an easy task and in fact, Dr. Jan Garcia states that “hand rejuvenation is one of the most demanding aesthetic procedures performed at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center because not a single method is enough to correct all ageing changes for hands”

In fact, the treatment must be planned according to each individual hand characteristic and usually more than one type of procedure is required to restore a patient’s hands for a smooth, youthful look.

To deal with soft tissue loss, dermal filling with fat from the patient or fill substances such as polylactic or hyaluronic acids is a good choice while for dark spots, skin peels, skin laser treatments and/or skin resurfacing are mandatory.

On the other hand, sclerotherapy, must be used to deal with enlarged veins and when needed, skin excisions may be required to handle deeply sagged, loose skin.

Despite of how complex the hands rejuvenation may be and how much time it could take, Dr. Garcia will ensure that at the end of the process the patient will feel proud of their hands and will never be ashamed to shake someone’s hand ever again.