Long eyelashes for a younger look

Have you paid attention to the detail of women’s eyes? Aren’t they beautiful and captivating? Have you realized what the top models’ secret to have such power striking eyes?

For sure, you could be thinking about those big eyes and beautiful eyelids is what makes the eyes so beautiful and even when that’s true, the overall appearance of eyes is almost completely shallow and empty without long, beautiful, stylized eyelashes. Since ancient times women have known this and have enhanced their eyelashes with make up but once the eyes are cleaned, the magic seems to be over.

Worried about such an ephemeral result, plastic surgeons such as Dr. Jan Garcia have worked hard to find a permanent solution that is capable of giving every woman’s eye the proper frame provided by long, sexy eyelashes!

Currently as an outpatient treatment provided at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center this procedure can enhance the eyelashes length and diameter without surgery!

A non invasive, effective procedure, performed by the patient herself under medical supervision using the so called “eyelash enhancer serum” which is applied every night with a sterile applicator to the upper eyelashes from inside out.

After several weeks the serum effect is evident and what once was sparse, thin or even nonexistent eyelashes become long, thick eyelashes providing a more youthful, appealing look.

If your eyelashes could use a pick me up and you wish to refresh your eyes but don’t want surgery or if dirt gets inside your eyes easily on a windy day, ask Dr. Jan Garcia about eyelash enhancement procedure. It will be a decision you’ll never regret.