Eye wrinkles should not be a career obstacle

It used to be the case that a sagged, wrinkled skin face was synonymous to wisdom and experience as well as a long life, and since the most experienced men and women were perceived to be the most capable, at least regarding knowledge, face wrinkles were not a problem but an edge.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot and most employers look for a mix of experience and youth and even when such mix rarely occurs naturally, experienced people on their 50’s and even their 60’s should not find face wrinkles to be an obstacle on their lives. As Dr. Jan Garcia says “a face must be a soul reflect, and if the soul is youthful, the face must look youthful too”.

Despite the natural aging process, it is possible to have both aged wisdom and still look young due to the face lifting procedures; one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgeries around the world.

Face lifting is not a single procedure, but includes a group of procedures depending on gender, face, type of wrinkles, sagging and presence/absence of skin excess. The proper procedure is chosen, from minimally invasive, thread facelifts to high complex surgeries which includes excess skin resection, tighten of underlying tissue and face and neck re-draping with tighter skin.

The above description corresponds to the so called rhytidectomy, the classic surgical face lift and still today the gold standard to compare other procedures results, however not all patients require such a extensive procedure and many times a minimally invasive surgery plus a complimentary procedure such as laser skin resurfacing is enough to achieve optimal results.

At the Plastic Surgery Arts Center, we are aware of how a youth face may affect not only a career but a whole lifestyle and our specialized surgeons will provide each patient with a tailored procedure to give them a youthful appearance while keeping their identity and all their wisdom.