Everything is about color, light and shadows

Eternal youth, is an idea that has historically been pursued by many, but to this day, is still unachievable. However, at least we now are able to diminish aging signs and keep a youthful look.

But exactly how is a youthful look achieved? Well, it is not solely about removing wrinkles but also includes elements of shape, shadows and finally, light!

Especially on the face, a particular position of facial structures leads to a particular mix of light and shadows for youthful looking people, and in addition, uniform skin coloration is also adds a sign of youth.

Due to the natural aging process, facial structures become flaccid and the light/shadow pattern is lost, while additionally, skin suffers from uneven pigmentation because of both sun damage and the ageing process, leading to skin imperfections and spots. Even when it’s possible to correct sagging tissues and wrinkles, the job is not complete if skin pigmentation is not addressed as Dr. Jan Garcia has witnessed during corrections in his clinical practice.

To deal with skin coloring issues, there are several techniques that can be used but one of the most effective and popular is the micropigmentation, also known as cosmetic tattoo. Through this technique, it is possible to include subtle changes on some facial features such as eyebrows shadows or light on the upper eyelids to create the effect of a younger look; in addition, it’s possible to enhance some features such as eyebrow tails creating the effect of an upwards-pointing tail, reducing the aging appearance. Everything is about little details, but it’s impressive how adding an almost imperceptible shadow may change an individual’s face appearance dramatically.

But a cosmetic tattoo is not only for the face; it’s also possible to deal with medical conditions such as vitiligo, restoring skin color with the same patient’s tone to areas affected by color loss. In addition, it is also possible to minimize scars and hide them as well as reconstruct lost formation such as is the case of areola tattooing after total mastectomy and breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients.

Once considered just as permanent make-up, now micropigmentation or medical tattooing, is a field with tremendous impacts not only as an aesthetic procedure but also as a reconstructive technique and that’s why at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center the micropigmentation staff is a group of very capable professionals with a particular profile: a mix between high qualified technicians and capable artists; exactly what each patient needs to obtain great results from cosmetic tattooing.