Don’t forget to take care of your forehead

A youthful face appearance depends on several skin conditions like the absence of wrinkles and overall skin expressions, however, nothing has more weight on facial appearance than eyes and eyebrows.

In fact, the entire configuration of the forehead and eyebrows give the face what’s called the “neutral” expression which is shaped with many muscles underneath the skin. However, this neutral expression might not be so “neutral” due to the ageing process due to the loosening of support tissue and the effects of gravity. A person’s “rest” expression tends to change from “neutral” to a sad or tired one; hence at on older age, even when we are joyful, people could think different about us because of what our face shows!

How is this possible? Well, this occurs due to subtle but significate changes on eyebrow’s position. With the pass of the years, eyebrows tend to get flattened and become more horizontal while the tail points downwards; leading to a sad, tired sight. In addition, reduction of facial muscle tone and loss of support not only change the neutral expression but also affect overall facial expression.

When this occurs, people tend to feel frustrated because their facial expression does not show what they are really feeling and third parties may think they are grumpy or crabbed when they are not!

Dr. Jan Garcia says that changes of facial expression are not just an aesthetic issue but also a major problem for social relations; people might be excluded from certain activities or may be rejected by peers because of their expression which can lead to not only frustration but also anger and sadness that eventually might affect an individual’s behavior.

That’s why at the Plastic Surgery Arts Center a forehead lift is taken so seriously; because it’s not about just appearance but life quality! When a forehead lift (also known as browplasty or brow lift) is performed everything is about meticulous details.

Regardless of the selected technique (there’s many) the aim is always the same: give eyebrows back their natural shape, raise them to a higher position and elevate brows tails for a younger, friendlier look.

Meeting such goals is not always easy and requires a very experienced plastic surgeon to achieve a good eyebrow lift without compromising overall face expression; otherwise the result could be a “doll face” which means a high brow position with wide open eyes but reduced expression.

On the other hand, sometimes an eyebrow lift is not enough as a sole procedure and it must be combined with eyelid or eyelash intervention in order to get the best possible results.

Which procedures are required and when to perform them is usually advised by Dr. Garcia depending on individual needs and characteristics, thus if you have a sad, grumpy or tired appearance don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the Plastic Surgery Arts Center to address such a big problem.