Differences between breast lift Mastopexy and mammoplasty

One of the most common questions in plastic surgery outpatient consultation is about the difference between breast lift surgery (whose technical name is Mastopexy) and mammoplasty (breast shape and size). A lot of times patients confuse the two procedures because they believe them as being the same when this is not the case.

When performed on the breasts, Mastopexy is not intended to deal with breast tissue so much itself but more in the direction of support elements. As consequence of normal ageing process, effects of gravity on hanging breast tissue, breast feeding and even weight gain or lost, mammary support elements such as the deltopectoral fascia becomes elongated leading to a misposition of the whole mammary gland which ends below where it’s supposed to; moreover, breast skin also becomes flaccid changing areola and nipple position which result in facing downwards instead of forward.

To deal with this issue Dr. Jan Garcia from the Plastic Surgery Arts Center explains that breast lift surgery is a good choice because it helps to shorten elongated support fascia and ligaments leading to a re-positioning of breasts while helps also to change nipples to pointing outward as they are supposed to point and not downward.

There are several ways to perform the procedure, each one selected according to the specific body configuration of a patient’s needs; however, a breast lift alone is not always enough and needs to be combined with a mammoplasty method such as breast augmentation (when breasts became deflated and volume is lost) or even a mammary reduction when big sized, heavy breasts are associated to mammary ptosis (the technical name used to describe breast positioning below the normal).

Hence a breast lift may be performed alone or combined with other methods, as well such methods may be done alone (breasts implants solely) or combined with a breast lift. Perhaps that’s the source of confusion and that’s why is so important to clearly explain to each patient the real reach of each procedure.

When patients are properly selected and the procedure is performed by a qualified, certified board plastic surgeon, results are remarkable and recovery is very fast, thus if you are not happy with your current breast position or you think there’s an issue with your nipples or areola pointing towards the wrong direction, don’t hesitate to find proper medical advice from the PSAC to address such issues; it’s the best decision you can make.