Say bye to undesired fat without surgery

Many people in good physical shape still have some issues regarding localized, hard to eliminate fat deposits on certain body areas such as flanks, abdomen or thighs and even when liposuction is a great option to deal with such undesirable fat, not everyone is happy with the idea of a visit to the operating room.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to remove such ugly fat deposit without surgery through a novel technique known as body contouring or Cool Sculpting where non-surgical fat reduction is achieved without the need of surgery.

During this process, which is different from liposuction, the fat is removed from the area to be treated, called Cool Sculpting which leaves the fat on the area where it is and applies the effect of a physical agent (ultrasound or cold) which leads to a cicatrisation process and the substitution of fatty tissue which is destroyed by specialized cells called macrophages and replaced by scar tissue composed of basically by collagen fibers.

Depending of physician preferences and available devices, body contouring may be performed with ultrasound or cold to generate fatty tissue injuries and on such cases called “cryolipolysis”.

Despite proven good results, patients usually are concerned about how effective this method is and how much fatty tissue may be removed safely. With this in mind, Dr. Jan Garcia uses non-surgical fat reduction only on selected patients with small, localized fat that can be easily removed using Cool Sculpting; otherwise, when fat deposits are larger or it’s necessary to remove fat from several areas, the usual recommendation is liposuction.

At the Plastic Surgery Arts Center patient’s expectations are also taken into consideration because even though it’s an outpatient method, many people think that it’s free of complications and side effects and when something unexpected happens even although not frequent, patients get very worried about it.

With that said the possibility of local pain, redness and sometimes even a small bruise are explained to the patient and at the same time the staff also gives patients a detailed explanation of time to elapse before the final result is achieved because just after the procedure the area can appear to be even bigger than before due to swelling. Once the swelling has gone, there’s still time until the whole cicatrisation and lipolysis processes has ended.

Undoubtedly non-surgical fat reduction is a great option, especially for those trying to avoid an operating room visit, however both patients and doctors must be aware of its limitations and reserve it only to selected cases where patient’s and fat deposit characteristics can guarantee success. Otherwise an alternate method or a combination of Cool Sculpting plus a complimentary method is mandatory to achieve the best possible aesthetic results.

As usual, when patients are well informed about the real reach of the method, its limitations and alternate options when required the team work with the surgeon leads to a high rate of success with a minimum complication risk which is exactly the way it must be, thus all the information given to the patients will allow a proper method selection with the best possible outcome, especially for methods using Cool Sculpting.