Aesthetic Injections

Modern aesthetic and cosmetic medicine includes not only Plastic Surgery and invasive treatments but also procedures involving injections to improve overall appearance. Sometimes this route can be better than surgery and, with the convenience of outpatient options, include methods that are almost painless.

Many patients feel they need some sort of aesthetic procedure to enhance or correct aesthetic details but they are afraid of surgery, not able to afford it, or simply don’t wish to get involved in such invasive procedures. Before the development of aesthetic injections, such patients had few options other than surgery. However today, due to the fast evolution of alternate techniques, patients can benefit from safe, effective, in expensive, non-surgical procedures to get the skin they’ve always desired.

There are many options for injections, with a wide array of applications depending on individual patient’s needs, that Dr. Garcia, a well-trained, qualified doctor can execute to achieve great results.

Aesthetic injections are normally divided into two major groups: fillers and Botox.

Fillers are natural or synthetic materials injected under the skin to reshape a particular area or restore the natural volume lost due to soft tissue reduction associated to the ageing process. Usually a natural filler is the own patient’s fat obtained by liposuction from another body area such as the abdomen or hips; such fat is then injected on the area to be filled as a graft which later integrates into the area, remodeling it and leading to a younger, smoother appearance.

When fat is not an option, synthetic fillers such as hyaluronic acid are used to achieve the same results. This substance is safe and well tolerated by the body, but unfortunately the results last only around six months and after which time the filling procedure needs to be repeated.

Unfortunately, no approved synthetic filler has long lasting effects yet, but certainly in the near future, ground breaking research will lead to a new generation of long lasting synthetic fillers. Meanwhile, STAY AWAY FROM BIOPOLYMERS! Such substances are dangerous and may lead to large tissue damages as Dr. Jan Garcia has witnessed in the past when he needed to perform extensive reconstruction of lips, and breasts to remove biopolymers causing complications.

Regarding Botox, such injections are intended to diminish the tone of the muscles beneath the facial skin in order to reduce wrinkles and smoothen facial expressions. Botox injections are not just a therapeutic procedure but an artistic as well since it’s necessary for each treatment to properly evaluate which areas need to be injected and how much Botox is required to meet aesthetic requirements without compromising a patients’ expression; otherwise the result may be a wrinkleless face, but also may be accompanied by an expressionless one as well; in summary, a very poor result.

As with synthetic fillers, Botox effects last only few weeks, hence it’s necessary to regularly re-apply Botox injections which has become an art and a science because it’s necessary to clearly identify the fine line separating proper Botox application from Botox overuse; otherwise results may not be optimal.

If you are thinking about receiving “aesthetic injections” don’t be afraid. Results are remarkable when performed by qualified personnel such as Dr. Garcia and improvement of overall appearance as well personal self-esteem can be elevated to new levels.